Auto Loan Customers Most Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to obtain a loan?

Will I need a large down payment?

No, in most circumstances down payment options are available.

Can I qualify for an auto loan despite a bankruptcy or repossession?

Yes, you can qualify.

Are loans available for residents outside of the U.S.

No, simply because our network of dealer lender programs are all in the Continental U.S.

Is there a minimum on job time or time in the area to qualify?

No, there are loan programs available for everyone.

How will I be establishing or re-establishing my credit?

All lenders report to the major credit bureaus.

Can I get a loan if I am self-employed?


I have no credit and looking for my first automobile, can you help?

Yes, there are many programs designed for the first time buyer. If you have income, a valid drivers license, and proof of residence our first time buyer specialists will work hard to help you purchase your first automobile.

Do you have programs for poor credit?

Yes we do!

Where are your services offered?